Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Luxe Desert Hair

Luxe Desert Hair

Smooth, strong, shiny and luxe hair is what every girl wants, and with Utah's ever changing desert climate it almost seems unattainable! So how do we go from dry brittle hair to soft summer locks? Deep Conditioning and Hair Masks!

Deep Conditioners and Hair Masks restore moisture and add protein to your locks
 giving you that healthy lustrous look! All hair types can benefit from these treatments whether you try them at home or in the salon I promise your hair will thank you for it!    

 Here are some of our favorite products and some easy at home steps to follow! 

Redken's "Real Control" Hair care products 

Favorites from this line: Shampoo & Conditioner, Moisture Mask and Over night Treatment

After Shampooing apply and comb through your hair. Leave on for 5-15 Min, Rinse throughly.
Use 1-3 times per week. After the first use you will see a dramatic change, softer and easy to mange hair with a healthy shine! Your Hair will love you for it! 

Before & After 

Enjoy <3

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