Thursday, July 18, 2013

Signature Style

Every girl wants it. A signature all her own, something memorable, and beautiful and that speaks 
to her personal style. In fashion with so many creative outlets that can help define your style, the one
women seem to change more often and first is their hair. Do you feel like you need a change? a new
start? a fresh new look? You start with your Hair.

Today we thought It would be fun to take a look back at Women's Fashion History, and make a list of a few femme fatal's that have made a statement, defined themselves, and influenced millions of women around the globe with their Hairstyles. 

The Classic Bob

The fierce Editor in Chief for American Vogue, Anna Wintour has made the Bob her signature look,
usually paired with dark sunglasses the legendary queen of the fashion industry understands that 
the simplest of styles are often the most remembered. 

The Pixie 

 Twiggy the english model who took the swinging 60's by storm with her androgynous 
look is known world wide for her signature pixie haircut. With beautiful big eyes and a thin build she
dominated covers world wide and is still very much known
for her Iconic look and style. 

Farrah Fawcett Waves

The all American beauty with Golden Feathered locks, this Girl next door/Pop culture Icon started a new trend that would be seen on every woman, From stay at home moms to socialites! Light, simple, fresh and natural her Layered Haircut styled to wave defined the 70's and is still being used today.

BedRoom Hair

Bridget Bardot a French Actress, singer and model with tussled hair became the 50's and 60's most memorable sex symbol. With her blond messy hair she took the "New" look to a whole new level! known for being the most liberated woman of post war France she broke the mold of clean, slicked back or polished do's and opted for a more natural messy hair that men and women began to call "BedRoom" hair, today we relate to her using the messy bun, messy curls and loose untamed waves.

Rihanna Red

Rihanna is now and has been for the past couple years one of the most influential women in the 
industry. Her personal style and daring looks have taken the fashion world on a roller coaster ride!
Her beautiful red hair and different hair cuts have made some serious bold statements! and has almost everyone trying to duplicate. from different lengths to colors and styles this powerhouse of originality has everyone talking and trying to guess what she will do next! 



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