Sunday, June 30, 2013

Versace's Newest Ads

It's always an interesting moment when you fall in love with the 
way designers brand themselves. There is 
that one brand that pulls you in and creates an image  
that is so appealing and delightful.

Versace continues to pull us in year after year. 
With the angles and items they use to brand their products each season,
 it amazes me how consistent they are with producing seasonal ads that rock!

For the upcoming Fall season, they released new ads with Kate Moss.

Kate, a blazing brunette in the ads, is fully nude. 
Her body is "censored" by purses in one and the other an incredible animal print fur coat.
The photography is incredible and spot on!!
And lets be honest, Kate doesn't look too bad either. :) 
I swear she doesn't age!

We love Versace!

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