Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer's Quintessential Classics

Summer is all about comfort; easy breezy fabrics, that move and flow with your body and that don't require a ton of effort are aren't too thought provoking; "What in the hell was she thinking?" The 411 on fashion in Vox's eyes is that it should be timeless and minimal. I'm not one for "themes," or labeling. When someone says "How would you describe your style?" Fashion has a map, and you have to navigate your way around and find the most logical easiest way of getting to the destination you're most comfortable with. It also has roadblocks. Too many options can be so confusing, and seeing too much going on in a person's wardrobe is like sensory overload and hurts the eyes. So, stick to things with staying power. Things that are appealing, and classic. Incorporate different texture, lengths, and patterns. Here are some of VOX's Summer 2013 favs from the Spring/Summer runway of Balenciaga, Diesel, Tracey Reese, and Acne. 
  • Essential Whites and Delicates
  • Monochromatic  
  • Menswear Inspired
  • Leather


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