Thursday, April 18, 2013

Midnight Snack

Every shoot has some crazy story with it. 
In this case, our first location was raided by stupid cops. Ha.
So we ended up finding a radical spot to shoot.( better than the first)

Everything happens for a reason. :)

My concept was based around midnight fashion.. 
All the hazy lights after a long night of 
partying or staying out late(whichever you prefer:) 

Photographer: Vick Doultani, I can honestly say was the only person who could have produced this shoot for me. Every photographer I talk to is amazed he got these shots. They also ask how he photoshopped the lights in.... aha Which he didn't, it is all raw. :)

What a duo these girls made up. Not to mention their outfits rocked!! 

I love these girls. It was a riot working with both of them!!

Wardrobe: Was all provided by Chalk Garden/JMR

Creative Director/Stylist: Me

*Shot almost a year ago for the fall issue of UGLY Mag.


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