Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fashion Storm

A shoot to definitely remember.

This shoot was planned a month in advance in St.George. Day of, we are headed to pick up supplies, and
the truck breaks down. Soon after we hear that another driver's vehicle can't make it down the street.
HA. the moment it was one big head ache. 
I had to come up with a completely different concept in 12 hours.
This is the revamped version of the shoot. It turned out pretty cool I think.
Everyone who participated in this shoot was an incredible trooper. 

Sometimes it just happens. But it went really well in the end. 

Photographer: Mike Kunde, whom I absolutely adore. It's such a pleasure to work with
someone who is up for any challenge and just goes with the flow.

Hair/Makeup: Heggy Gonzalez. For this shoot she kind of had a free hand for this. Because the shoot was completely changed, we kind of had to go with the flow for each look. She did incredible. The makeup and hair was flawless.

Model: Keely King. This girl was such a trooper sitting/standing and going into positions quite uncomfortable for several hours. She was very classy and such a great model and sweet human being. I loved working with her. 

Crowns: Melanie Mclaws. She hand-crafted the crowns for me. She is such a talented lady. I would love for her to do more!! She has such a keen eye for amazing creations. Melanie made the crowns for my Masonic shoot as well. If you haven't checked it out GO do that now! She is amazing.

All clothes and accessories were provided by MISC. Boutique(vintage). Located in downtown Salt Lake City
200 east and 300 south. The great thing about Missy(owner)'s boutique, is these pieces are found across the nation and placed in her shop. Every piece is unique to her style. I love it. On top of her pieces being super original, they are extraordinarily affordable. Love this woman, boutique and her unique style.

Stylist and Creative Director: Me



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