Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bipolar Fashion

A shoot inspired by the tangled personalities and desires of a woman so vulnerable it sometimes hurts to watch.

Lula Mae and Holly Golightly 
(Breakfast at Tiffany's)
Combining the two personalities of one woman into a wardrobe.

Photographer: Keith Bryce. Working with Keith was such a pleasure. The entire shoot you are laughing so hard you can't breath. Love him and his work!!!

Model: Blake Giles. A model who is up for any challenge and has one of the oldest souls I have ever encountered. Love this woman and love working with her. 

Hair: Heggy Gonzalez. This woman is real talent. Incredibly genuine. Never complains and is fiercely classy.

Make up: Missy Scarbrough. I can't do shoots without this woman. I LOVE her so freaking much. Also, another incredible, real talent.

All my shoots have a purpose and story behind them. Most very emotional. Pushing people to do better and to allow themselves to be more vulnerable to real living. 

<3 Enjoy

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