Monday, August 29, 2011


when i am walking down the street i am constantly
noticing how people dress. specifically, women.

what makes a woman stylish?
what makes her appealing?

i've been thinking about this and more recently i've
come to the conclusion that most things in life
that are appealing or beautiful, are simple....or EFFORTLESS

the woman who walks down the street
with her hair not so perfect, and not a lot of make up
but has this swagger in her step and an awesome outfit
is so appealing to me.
she seems unique and confident

the girl who has an accessory i've never seen( because it's vintage or she
found in her grandmother's basement)
that says to me, she doesn't care, she is her.

one of my fashion icons is Kate Moss. almost everything she does
is effortless
her style is not thought out, it isn't pre-planned( maybe it is, but she
makes it seem like it isn't)
she doesn't have her hair perfect
or her make up. it's all natural baby it's her.
that is beauty...simplicity...effortless

when I was in high school, i discovered that
the greatest outfits are usually the ones
that were just thrown on.

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