Friday, March 8, 2013

Women: celebrating the greatest gift God gave this planet.

I remember some of my first experiences as a girl. 

I also, more recently, remember my first experiences as a woman.

You don't become a woman one day.

It is a growth, a journey. 

A moment in time where sacrifice, humility and the raw feminine essence becomes you.

To be a woman is a choice. 

Just like becoming a man. Men have to make a choice at some point in their lives.
 Do I continue with my fancies or choose greatness? 

I love women.

I am so grateful to be one and to be surrounded by the most incredible force.


Please, if you are girl/woman never forget how special you are to this world. 
It can get crowded with all the social judgements, the face of the world constantly pointing its finger....
critiquing you, but you are perfect in every way. You always have been and always will be. 

Please....don't ever forget you're incredible power. 



  1. Ces!!! I didn't paint this one, but it does look like my style. :)