Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wistful Fashion

Last summer I did a shoot inspired by Donnie Darko and the yearnings of a young girl. 

All the clothes were provided by Unhinged a local boutique(BUY LOCAL)

I was creative director and stylist
Photography by Mike Kunde
Models: Kait Brandi and Michelle Cope
Hair: Phil Cooper

Location was an actual farm in Utah County

We would have had more photos( because we had several different change in outfits) but we
were attacked by thousands of bees( not exaggerating at all). Overall though it was a beautiful shoot. Hopefully one day I can come back to this shoot and finish the rest of the story. :)


  1. Such a fun shoot!! I loved every minute of it. Even getting attacked by bees ;) xoxox

  2. Hahah I am so glad you liked it. Hopefull there will be more in the future!!!