Thursday, March 14, 2013

Transparent Trends

If you have something to hide you might as well stop reading now.
A trend so honest you can't help but feel like you know someone after seeing them. 

When I think of see through anything, I'm reminded of gelly shoes. 
Those clear plastic( blistering shoes) sandals that everyone was wearing when I was a lil lil.
The smell of them is what got me most. I can't explain it to well, but let's just say
it smelt of candy and fresh plastic( nostalgic).

Now, we have clear plastic bags all over the run way. It has been around for a couple of years,
but it's trending like crazy in those pop. stores( H&M, Zara, Forever 21)
I personally have wanted one for quite a while, but now that they are more attainable,
it might be more likely to see me with all of my possessions exposed( laughing as you see my tampons)((I don't care, I am a woman))

Get it.
( or recycle the plastic and make high end bags for chicks like me) 
((ha ha))

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