Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SLC Chic Style

Only the slickest shoot ever.
From day to night, we see a girl in some edgy, yet feminine urban style.
She starts her day off with her favorite hot drink and ends it out walking her dogs.
I love this shoot because it is realistic, relate-able  and I feel like I have done this, or something 
similar to it. :)

I originally did this shoot for UGLY Magazine( I was more recently their Fashion Editor. :)
I will be posting all the shoots I have done for them on my blog here. 
I am so excited to share the FULL shoot on my blog.
You can see the article better and you can pin the photos which makes it that much cooler!!
yay for life! haha :)

I was creative director for this shoot as well as stylist.
Carolee Beckham was the photographer <3

Model is Maybe Hannah <3

Hair done by Heggy Gonzalez <3

Make up done by Katelynn White <3

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