Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dimensional Love

sunken deep into the sheets of my bed
i breath hard.

looking at the ceiling
i'm seeing memories of you talking to me

it's late
your voice is feeling the rooms to my home

echos of your wisdom bouncing through to my soul

i'm lying
my heart beats to a rythm 
unfamiliar to the human form

my mind is calling to you
but i'm not recieving an answer

you see
my fear of love and obsession of freedom

i'm binded by the very things set most people

will it limit her ability 

i stand up from my bed
walking lightly through
the lit hall ways of the building

stepping on the tainted concrete
i look up to the bitter cold sky

howling with my eyes
i'm on fire

the fact that my body hurt from the freezing cold
didn't matter

seeing you walk towatds me
one last time
meant more to me than anything else
in this moment

my breath blurring my vision
i see you
running towards me

you grab me and lift my fragile and fatigued body
from the ground
whispering in my ear you say

i know you
i love you
be free with me

my heart slows
i'm calm

1 comment:

  1. You write in a very prolific and poetic mixture. I like it, keep it up