Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Soulless Habit

You Can See Me Through The Night

you say that you're a dreamer,
yet you're always using mine

I hope one day you wake up to the sky
instead of the mirror you've positioned real time

it's sad to think a glimpse of you once stood well and tall
now you're only history
one that's written small

to fall into your trap of hell
so cunning and so bright
is like wishing for a warm fire when your drenched in gasoline

the black hole your soul's become
reminds me of a song
a song you've written for yourself
you sing it all day long

please forgive me when i say
i laughed myself to sleep

thinking you could once be a man
yet that's just "too deep"

the days are growing stronger
something you know nothing of

you've surrounded yourself with distraction
to keep from thinking too long

if it helps to put things in perspective
why not use a dictionary

we know it helps you sleep at night 
once you've "defined" my destiny

i can't explain how free i am 
to know that you're so gone

my wings have grown 
so big
i've been soaring since the dawn

farewell my soulless habit
your time is over done

please bless the people you inflict
lets hope their heart beats strong.

* I wrote this poem about a bad "habit" you know what I'm talking about.
do you connect at all?
share if you do! :)
Polaroid picture was taken camping several weeks ago.
I felt it spoke words to this poem.


  1. I dreamed of you again last night. You were gone, fading and freeing my being. Like a parasite naked to the eye you creep and crawl vanishing and appearing in my mind. Memories of you drowned in sorrow, pain and tears. You no longer were living.

    You reappear. Ever existing like flourishing cancer with in my sub-concious.
    Years have past with out a word, with out a thought of the one that you committed to; When he asked you to take your hand above the running river that represented constancy, always flowing and reaching bigger things--The sea of eternity he had a faint feeling, but not quite tangible that something was off.

    Our flow was damned and staggered. Salts and minerals began to rise. The sun became hot drying up what love you had left for him. A dessert of dust.

    Now she finds herself in strange places. You Cotter, jipsy, aloof like entity. I killed the very thought of you. You didn't exist, I erased you from my life, only attempting to do what only you could do. Just leave and not look back. However, I'm human, I will not mask the facade that you didn't matter, that our love was just wishful thinking, I confidently say it was real...

    So go to sleep, dive deep into my sub-concious. Because pretending that you aren't real is a lie, a fallacy, and a sorrow.

    You were real, you died in my mind.

    You will soon realize that I've been deep within your being. I will swallow your logic and flood you with a painful blue raw emotion. You will feel what I felt when you disappeared. And you will not be able to evade this entity, because what you don't face and accept will exist in you. A life organism depriving you of ever connecting to the sweetness and ripe colorful attachment to another. Avoidance will be your defense, and you will always feel that void, that deep black hole the very thing that you try to fill by searching the corners of the earth...

    When you uprise from your slumber as a thought, a dream, or form of an emotion I will embrace you, hold you and dance with you. This will be true freedom, wrapping one of life's most beautiful but yet difficult survival extinct which is love.

  2. Just another traveling soul relating to a piece of a beautiful thought.