Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Tips On Health

10 Tips To Better Health And A Better Body 

                           1. Park as far away from the grocery store entrance as possible. Or any event you are going to.
                           2. ONLY drink water. To some this may seem impossible, but I challenge you.
                           3. Physical activity everyday. Don't have time? Make time, because if you don't your health will catch up with you, then where will you be?

                           4. Bike. Walk. Jog. Run. Hike. Swim.
                           5. Don't eat out. Food prepared outside of the home is likely to be filled with more
fat and more salt. 
                           6. When you eat, sit down. It is said, that when you sit to enjoy your food, you gain more nutrients and your body digests it faster and more efficiently.

                           7. Try to avoid movies that are drama filled, horror, scary, thrillers or mindless. Laughter cures all pain and sadness. Watch more comedies and uplifting movies.

                           8. Meditate/Pray. This action centers your body/spirit. When your body/spirit are centered you are more likely to know what your body needs to function. :)

                           9. Be conscious of what you are putting into your body. You are not a disposal. You require care and attention to function at your highest level each day.

                          10. You are what you eat.

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