Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flower Crowns

Flower Crowns like Lana Del Rey
Tutorial created by ME! 

1.Depending on how many crowns you want to make you buy a bundle of silk
flowers of each color you want to use. I bought two of each color. 
2. You want to get a glue gun and glue
3. You want to have wire. That way you have substance for the flowers to lie on.
You want it to be pretty thin. ( buy this at your nearest Michael's or craft store)
5. Wire cutters

Now that you have the supplies, we move on to making them

1.  You want to measure around your head with the wire. I give one to two inches of extra room.
2 After you have done that 3-4 times and cut them in length. You want to weave the 3 pieces together.
3. Now you have the base of the crown. 
4. This is where it gets fun!!
5. You start to cut, with the wire cutters, just the flower buds. Leave the stem for use.
6. After you have cut all the tops off you want to then cut the stems to use them to weave with hot glue onto your base. You want to bend them to emulate the base. Then put glue on the bottom and put it on the base. 
7. After you have done that to your liking, you then want to start adding your flowers.
8. You want to start with an idea of what you want the front to look like, and then make your way around.
9. You can do one or two layers, or whatever you want!!!
 I'd love to see pictures of them if you make them!! 
Mine are below. I will also have some other pictures of me wearing them. 

I will be making more, for everyday use in the summer.

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  1. So pretty! I'll be trying this!