Sunday, February 19, 2012

The chic way to wear shorts

Dressing in "shorts" can be a tricky task.
For me, almost always, I will choose high waisted shorts. Mainly, because I am
on the shorter size and it makes your legs longer.

But the harder part outside of that is how do I make it look chic?
 A couple of ways to make it so it isn't too casual(like your going to a rock concert)
would be the "balance" rule
*Always when showing skin on the bottom, cover up on the top, and vice versa.

Examples would be a lace high neck shirt, long sleeve(on the tighter size) blouse, or 
something simple like a v-neck t. 

I always find it so flattering to show off my curves. That is why I love "high waisted shorts" so much. You add a  fitting belt and a fitted shirt, or a nice blouse. It never lets you down.

this is how I dressed up my "high waisted shorts" hope you like it :) 

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