Tuesday, October 11, 2011


my 5 tips to being the best you!

1. vitamins. i am always having my friends coming to me asking, what are you doing for your skin, hair, and nails? vitamins. a multivitamin everyday keeps the doctor away and...keeps you looking fresh and amazing. and performing at your optimum!

2. water. i can't tell you how important water is. it keeps you plump, i guess is the word i want to use. water hydrates your skin keeping it radiant and it is constantly washing your body of toxins. these toxins can cause you to look old, have wrinkles, and look ill. NOW, we all don't want this so HYDRATE your body girls.

3. work out or do some physical activity at least once a day(30 mins). i say, take a walk, park far from the grocery store, go for a bike ride, jog..whatever it may be just do it. this is your body take care of it. also, working out improves skin, energy and the ability to think on your feet! not to mention your body will look...well .. sexy!

4.eating. a lot of girls don't eat enough. i'm not saying go buy some ice cream and fill your belly. i am saying your neglecting the food groups your body needs to function. FRUITS, VEGGIES, DAIRY, POULTRY/EGGS & GRAINS. eating healthy every meal is a hard task for most. but i encourage it with all my heart. as women we are bombarded with physical insecurities everyday. all i can say is eat healthy. eat raw. and eat things that are grown from a garden, tree and or bush. some snacks i would recommend would be, nuts, apples, oranges, carrots, celery(peanutbutter), cheese, and crackers. these are such great things to keep in your purse or have ready for you to run out the door. :) instead of microwaving that ramen eat an apple or two. your body will love you, and i will too( not that i didn't already ;)

5.positive thoughts about you and your life. being angry, rude, is actually a harder task on the body then being nice. it takes more muscles in your face to frown then it does to smile. go figure. having a positive attitude can literally change your appearance. no kidding. it's been proven people with positive attitude live longer, have less wrinkles and are rarely sick. not to mention, people with depression hold on to weight. this out of all the tasks is the hardest. it is said that we have 60,000 thoughts per day. WOW. try keeping track and you'll loose yourself. i suggest being aware of your body, spirit and mind. the rest will come in time :)

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