Saturday, October 8, 2011

it puts the colour on

lips are the ultimate seduction.
they are what put you in the spot light
or ad the extra accent you need for your oufit.

Now that fall and winter are here lip color is a must.
a few colors I have enjoyed are red gold and orange.

NARS in a red orange matte 24$ is amazing!
MAC has eyelid gold color that you apply with a lip conditioner.
40-50$ altogether( I did in a fashion shoot with one of my models)
you want to get the GOLD not bronze color.
try not to go too yellow or red.
red can range in variety of brand. I suggest trying them all on first
all skin types have different hues. pink,green, yellow and red hues can
make all the difference in the wrong color on your lips. :)

sidenote* you can click on the photos to see the larger picture.

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