Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the frosting on top of your cake

Accessories are like the crown atop the Princess( you)
they should be meaningful, emulate your style and accent you and
your body in the best way!
I'm not a fan of throwing on just any accessory.
I believe an accessory should be a jewel( just like what it is) something
special. (just like you) Classy, sassy, beautiful, chic and of course
your style.

rules to live by

1. if your wearing a necklace you cannot wear earrings
2. if you are wearing earrings you can wear a bracelet
3. rings are the more the merrier, unless you look like a pirate
4.remember LESS IS MORE!( Coco Chanel)
5. its all about balance

earrings: Indian earrings given to me from my mom, and the arrow earrings given to me from boyfriend.

Indian earrings 30-45$ any Indian shop you can find
Arrow earrings 25-30$ on Gilt.com

Vintage Ring from my Grandma
Antique stores all over downtown

Decades and Misc are a few vintage stores I like.

Vintage necklace from my Grandmother

Heart necklace given to me by a good friend for her wedding

Forever 21 3$ necklace ( heart necklace)

Vintage necklace you can find at any antique or vintage store

Butterfly Broch

Vintage broch from my Grandmother

I've seen similar ones all over.

Broches are in high demand right now!

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