Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Catalog Review

My new spring catalog is in the works.
These are a few sketches, below I have made that may be semi-represented
in the look book. I am incredibly excited. Fresh colors, vibrate faces and
beautiful, creative, outfits! These sketches will not entirely
represent the clothing the models will
be wearing.

The clothing that will be introduced into the catalog is from a
vintage store called MIS C. It is located in downtown Salt lake City. The owner
travels all over buying clothes, shoes, bags, etc from those who
no longer want them. They are impressive. I believe it puts Decades in the water.
Mainly, because the pieces are specifically picked. It isn't cluttered and
it is cutely designed in the front window.

The make up in the shoot is influenced by one of my many favorites movies. Ever After.
I love how natural the make up is throughout the whole movie. Mainly
with the character Drew Barrymore plays. I'm going for a whimsical look.
Fresh, classical, beautiful. Something that isn't unattainable, but
is a little different than what we are used too.... Who am I kidding
I want it to be a lot different, but open to the idea!! I hope you'll like it, I know I will.


  1. nice. i'm assuming that these are ideas for the shoot that you're wanting my help with? :)